Trend Report: 21 Experts Share Social Media Predictions for 2021

Be guided by the advice of these 21 experts that share their thoughts on marketing in 2021.

Get all you need to know of these social media predictions for 2021

When we surveyed 21 top social media marketers on what they foresee in the social media landscape this coming year, authenticity was the common thread. Whether they’re interacting with friends and family or keeping up with their favourite brands, people want a genuine, personal experience on social media. In this report, we’ll break down the five main trends we predict will shape social media marketing in 2021, along with potential challenges and best practices on how to leverage them well. 

What you will learn
  • Trend #1 - Social Commerce: Social commerce allows the entire customer journey to happen in-app, making it a natural fit for consumers’ existing behavior.
  • Trend #2 - Short-Form Video: The rise of TikTok and Reels have shown us that short-form video is the future. Along with formats like Stories and Live, this is where brands need to concentrate their content efforts if they want to stay relevant in customers’ feeds
  • Trend #3 - Nano-Influencers: In 2021, influencers with smaller followings will deliver the biggest results. These content creators have the ability to build greater trust and often hone in on highly niche communities, making them perfect to help you reach your target audience.
  • Trend #4 - More Personalized Ads: To effectively compete for consumers’ attention, social media marketing is becoming highly personalized. 
  • Trend #5 - Brave, Conscious Content: On social media, it’s no longer acceptable to stay silent on the issues your audience cares about. In 2021, brands will need to be clear on their values and voice them confidently online. 

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